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28 February 2023 Newsletter

Flu vaccination

Did you know that the flu vaccine is still available in February? Although it seems that the Influenza (flu) virus seems to be on its way out, it in fact still prevails and people can nevertheless still get sick. This results in sick leave for your staff. Vaccinating against influenza can prevent you from becoming seriously ill and therefore prevent sick leave due to flu. Haven’t had the vaccine yet and would you like to? Please contact us on 010 – 820 11 20 or email We are happy to help you prevent influenza and therefore any fall out in your workforce.



Fortunately, the world is open again, you can travel (almost) without any restrictions again and the mandatory antigen / PCR testing has almost disappeared from everyday life. Despite this, Corona is really still there and many people are still getting infected and sick on a daily basis. With the current variants, it seems that we are fortunately getting less sick, but there is still a significant dropout in the workplace. Together with the other circulating viruses that cause flu-like symptoms (e.g. the RS virus, the Rhinovirus or the actual Influenza virus), it is sometimes difficult to determine whether someone is infected with COVID-19 or whether it is influenza. We still offer the possibility of testing for the Corona virus, either by antigen rapid test or by PCR test. If you want to know whether your symptoms are caused by COVID-19 or something else, you can contact us for a test to rule out COVID-19. Please contact us on 010 – 820 11 20 or send an email to


Back scan

For several months we have been able to perform a back scan on you or your employee(s). Practice has shown that many employees suffer from (minor) complaints in the musculoskeletal system (back, arms and/or legs), the origin of which may lie in the spine. We are in the possession of a advanced scanner that can help image the entire spine without using X-rays within mere minutes. The results, together with any complaints pattern, will be send immediately to the orthopedic surgeon or physiotherapist with whom we collaborate for this back scan. They analyze the data and provide sound advice within a fast-track process. Several companies have already made use of our service. 



Skin cancer screening:

124,000 new cancer patients in 2022. That is the gloomy title shown on the website of the Cancer center of the Netherlands. Compared to 2021, this is an increase of a 1000 more patients than before. The incidence of skin cancer increased from 22,591 (in 2021) to 23,305 (in 2022). The IKNL does not include basal cell carcinoma in the annual skin cancer incidence.

As a matter of fact, in 2022, the number of people who were first confronted with this form of skin cancer will exceed 60,000. These figures show that little has changed in the situation surrounding skin cancer. In truth, the pressure on our healthcare system remains enormous and costs are only increasing. By (periodically) making a skin screening, sensitive, high-risk, or already presenting skin abnormalities can be detected early on. 


By performing this screening periodically, the course of this abnormality (wether detected early or not) can be closely monitored. Several companies already use this service and offer it to their employees. The feedback we have received from these employees is nothing more than positive. Of this specific group, 10% of the individuals have skin cancer. Most people did not realize that UV radiation from sunlight (or from work such as welding) can have such a harmful effect on the skin, especially over time. Therefore UV-protection remains extremely important. More information about our skin cancer screening? Contact us at 010 – 820 11 20 or send an email to


Are we your partner in Travel Health Management?

We value your opinion about our organisation. We want to provide you with the best medical care and want to adapt our services to your exact needs. We like to think alongside you and would like to unburden you in this medical area. We have two specific points of contact: 

You as the company and your employees who actually come to our location for the Health Checks. 


To evaluate our services, we regularly include customer satisfaction checks. At the end of last year we approached you to participate in a short review. Thank you for your participation. 

– To what extent do you experience the Corporate Travel Clinic as your partner in Travel Health Management?

No fewer than 25% strongly agreed with this statement, 62.5% agreed and 12.5% ​​were neutral. 

What rating would you like to give our services? 

Average score: 8.2. 


We received suggestions on how we can further improve your experience with the Corporate Travel Clinic Erasmus MC, such as better information provision and you would like to see the service on location to be even more flexible. We are very happy about this feedback and will take your suggestions seriously. We will return to you at the end of this year with another short questionnaire. Only due to your feedback can we optimize our services and for that we are extremely grateful.


Expansion of medical staff

Our new doctor will start at our practice on February 14th. Her name is Dr. van Nispen tot Pannerden. She is an internist-infectologist. Dr. van Nispen tot Pannerden will, like a large part of the other doctors, take care of the medical health checks and will participate in the 24/7 service. We are very pleased with her arrival. Welcome! 


New developments: E-learning

The finishing touches are currently being made to a completely new developed e-learning module. Specifically made for your employee who is stationed abroad for a short or longer period of time. In this e-learning module – which we have given the name World Wise Travel – the most common medical problems associated with a stay abroad are discussed and explained. Each topic is introduced by means of a special animation film, after which the topic is elaborated with additional information and stimulating multiple choice questions. From Q2 2023 we will offer this e-learning to our customers. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this offering.

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