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17 November 2022 Newsletter

Flu vaccination

We have started vaccinating employees with the flu vaccine, as we had already informed you about in the previous newsletter. This vaccination takes place both at our Corporate Travel Clinic or at the location of your choice. The latter has the advantage that your employees can still receive their vaccination without major work interruption. The benefits of the flu vaccination have already been discussed extensively in the previous newsletter, but to touch on the most important: it can drastically reduce absenteeism in the workplace. Haven’t had the vaccine yet and would you like to? Please contact us at 010 – 820 11 20 or mail to We are happy to help you with the prevention of influenza and thus (loss of work) as much as possible.


Havensymposium 2022

We organize the Havensymposium every year on the last Friday of November. This year, the 35th symposium will take place on Friday 25 November. It is a medically substantive symposium for professionals, but there may be topics that interest you too. Because the symposium takes place in a hybrid format this year, we would like to invite you to follow the symposium live online from the SS Rotterdam.

Perry van Genderen will be the host of the day. The online broadcast will be supervised by Rik van Peperstraten, business developer, and Niels Muijs van de Moer, emergency response medic. If you are interested in joining, please let us know at, and we will send you the link that you can use on the 25th. See you there!


Spinal scan

We are able to perform spinal scans on you or your employee(s). Research has shown that many employees suffer from (minor) complaints in the musculoskeletal system (back, arms and/or legs), the origin of which may lie in the spine. We have an advanced scanner that can image the entire spine within minutes. We can present these images, together with any complaints pattern, to the orthopedic surgeon or physiotherapist with whom we collaborate for this back scan. They can analyze this data and then provide sound advice. In the meantime, several companies have already made use of this service (both preventively: mapping the spine, with follow-up after a certain period of time, and problem-investigating: an employee with long-term complaints has been analyzed and corrected referred to a specialist).



After a relatively quiet summer period regarding COVID-19, we are still confronted with infections and the associated risk of staff failure, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The virus is still mutating, whereby the newer mutations are increasingly able to evade our immune system, causing more people to develop complaints. Fortunately, these complaints are generally mild, but vigilance is still required. In this period of the year, cold complaints will become more common again. Despite the fact that fewer COVID-19 tests are being conducted, this is still a very good way to rule out whether an employee with complaints is infected with COVID-19, or with another, usually common, cold virus. It may also be necessary for international travel to submit a negative covid test. We still take these COVID-19 tests (RT-PCR or Antigen rapid test), both at our clinic and, if desired, at your location.


Skin cancer screening

For several months we have been offering skin cancer screening in collaboration with SkinTwin. Due to increased exposure to UV radiation, there has been a disturbing increase in the number of skin cancer cases over the past decades. By (periodically) making a skin screening, sensitive, high-risk, or already present skin abnormalities can be found (early). By performing this screening periodically, the course of this abnormality (whether or not new) can be closely monitored. Several companies already use this service and offer it to their employees. The feedback we receive from these employees has been nothing but positive. Most did not realize that UV radiation from sunlight (or from work such as welding) can have such a harmful effect on the skin and that the skin must therefore be well protected.


24/7 Medical Support


We are available day and night. Our specialists are available 24/7 and can quickly involve local parties. Our expertise is just a phone call away. We have simplified the 24/7 Medical Support for the employer and employee. You have one telephone number and one email address where you can always reach us. Caller ID is visible, so in case of a missed call, the doctor will call you back. If you would like more information about this service, please contact us at


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