Yemen, 2023 – Oil Tanker

Before the eyes of the world, in the middle of a war and pirate zone in the Red Sea, Dutch salvagers are going to pump out and clean a badly neglected oil tanker to avert an impending environmental disaster.

The supertanker is moored about 9 kilometers off the coast of Yemen and 50 kilometers northeast of the port of Hodeida. When a civil war broke out in Yemen in 2015, the ship was abandoned because oil production in the country came to a halt.

The FSO Safer has never had any maintenance since 1987, the ship could fall apart and sink. Approximately 150 million liters of crude oil are on board. The buildup of gases in the tanks could even cause these supertankers to explode. After years of preparation, the project is being carried out in cooperation with the UN.

The Corporate Travel Clinic was asked to provide medical services on this project. For example, a medical survey was carried out to map the health risks, local facilities and an evacuation plan. The Corporate Travel Clinic has also set up an emergency hospital in the nearby work ship, provided medical staff and is responsible for 24/7 medical supervision.

The project started in May 2023 and the final work was completed at the end of August 2023 and the team was able to return home safely. Mission accomplished!

Healthcare Consultation

  • On-site medical audit to determine the level of local healthcare
  • Medical support 24/7
  • Dive medical support 24/7

Healthcare Deliverables

  • Medical staff
  • Medication and medical equipment