Specialist, high quality ‘Duty of Care’ Service Provider.


The Corporate Travel Clinic Erasmus MC B.V. is an expert in the field of Travel Risk Management. We offer a wide range of services to internationally operating companies and their expats and frequent flyers. Our services all have one common goal: to keep the employee healthy and safe before, during and after their stay abroad.


Within CTC we optimally meet the wishes of clients. We combine the best medical examinations with a personal, individual approach. We distinguish ourselves through this client-oriented and specialist approach with expert employees through low-threshold communication for both our clients and amongst ourselves.¬†Due to our small scale attitude, we work highly efficiently and the lines are kept short. Providing good preventive care and monitoring our patients’ safety have a prominent role. Due to our high team spirit and our values and standards, everyone who works here can be held accountable for this, and we maintain a pleasant working environment.

The mission and vision set by the Corporate Travel Clinic Erasmus MC are largely realized by the employees. In order to be able to work safely on the realization of the mission and vision and to create an organizational culture in which employees treat each other with respect and in their relationship with clients, 4 core values have been identified: Pride, Respect, Flexible and Service-oriented. These core values are the basis for the manners within the Corporate Travel Clinic Erasmus MC.

Our team

At the Corporate Travel Clinic Erasmus MC, we are constantly on the move.

Our complete, well-coordinated team is ready for you every day. The team includes receptionists, doctors, emergency response medics, travel nurses and function technicians. The care that we provide together with our trusted international partners is of high quality and extends to the most remote locations in the world.

When getting in touch with us for the first time, you are often in direct contact with the members of our board or the business development team.




The board

Dr. P.J.J van Genderen (Perry)



Drs. A.A. Borst (Angelique)





Business development

R. van Peperstraten (Rik)

Business Developer


B. Glimmerveen (Britta)