The specialist in Travel Health Risk Management.

With more than 30 years of experience, we have knowledge of the local health risks and how to reduce their impact.

We are always there for you, day or night.

We are always on call for you. Our specialists are available 24/7 and we have the ability to quickly involve local parties on site. Our expertise is only one phone call away.

In every time zone.

We go anywhere to identify health risks and to advice the proper preventive measures. With our international network you have access to the best available local healthcare.

Solving all your healthcare issues.

Through years of experience, we now know how to provide the right solution in every health situation and deliver on time.

Our services

All activities of Corporate Travel Clinic Erasmus MC are centered around four functional healthcare pillars, providing international organization with an integrated risk management strategy to fulfil their Duty of Care obligations towards their employees. All activities aim at mitigating the impact of potential health threats on the personal health of your employee.



Preventive healthcare

This pillar consists of several activities aimed at the preservation of the personal health of your employee. They comprise not only health risk-driven, tailor-made health assessments with a clear focus on frequently encountered health risks like travel-related illnesses, skin cancer and cardiovascular diseases but may also include personal preventive measures like vaccinations, use of insect repellents and impregnated bednets.

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Healthcare consultation

In some circumstances abroad the quality of the locally available healthcare may be considered suboptimal. The Corporate Travel Clinic can deliver medical equipment, medicines and skilled healthcare providers to boost the quality of care for your employees working at a project abroad.

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Healthcare deliverables

With our 24/7 medical hotline, our medical expertise and support is only one phone call away. We always have experienced consultants on call, giving your expert advise on every medical problem, also if this problem may occur under water.

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Health education

The Corporate Travel Clinic also developed dedicated courses for your employees to create awareness of all relevant medical problems abroad and on the prevention and available treatments for them as well as courses to maintain the required skills.

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More about our experience.

In 1993 the Corporate Travel Clinic started to vaccinate employees of companies operating internationally and to provide travel-related advice to reduce medical risks. Based on the specific needs of our clients we have expanded our professional services and solutions, covering all relevant areas of travel risk management. Yearly, we advise more than 3,500 expatriates and employees travelling abroad for around 150 different companies or organizations. Because of our close connection to the port of Rotterdam, a large part of our client base is naturally active in the offshore and marine industry.


We are proud off: We feel privileged that we are the trusted partner for our internationally active companies in providing tailor-made healthcare solutions..

Manilla International Airport

Corporate Travel Clinic was requested on behalf of a world leading dredging company to perform a medical survey regarding the health risks and local medical facilities in Manilla...

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Coast of Gabon

The Corporate Travel Clinic was asked to equip and run the medical clinic on board a pipe laying vessel operating in the coastal waters of Gabon near the city of Gamba, Gabon.

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Remote clinic

In Freetown, Sierra Leone, the Corporate Travel Clinic established a remote clinic at the site of our client’s project. Initially, this clinic was set up...

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