Our history

Although the Harbor Hospital (‘Havenziekenhuis’) no longer exists as a hospital after its dismantling in 2017, the expertise in the field of the tropics and travel-related diseases is well secured in Erasmus MC. The former internists of the Harbor Hospital are still working at the Erasmus MC or in the Corporate Travel Clinic of the Erasmus MC.


The Corporate Travel Clinic Erasmus MC has its origins in the Harbor Hospital (‘Havenziekenhuis’) and the Institute of Tropical Diseases, which is now more than a hundred years old. The Corporate Travel Clinic was established in 1993 as a separate branch of the Harbor Hospital Travel Clinic to meet the specific wishes and requirements of organizations that send their employees abroad for a short or longer period of time. The Corporate Travel Clinic offers these internationally operating organizations a fully integrated risk management strategy so that they can responsibly fulfill their Duty of Care obligations for their employees in both legal and moral terms.


What we do today

Based on the specific needs of our clients we have expanded our professional services and solutions, covering all relevant areas of travel risk management. Yearly, we advise more than 3,500 expatriates and employees travelling abroad for around 150 different companies or organizations.


People continue to travel further and more frequently every year, both for business-related purposes and for leisure. This is likely to continue as long as international travel becomes easier, faster and cheaper. Unfortunately, the risks associated with travel do not decrease correspondingly. Travel risk management therefore plays an important role in preserving the health of employees. The services of the Corporate Travel Clinic are aimed to ensure full compliance with the employer’s basic duty of care.


Our dedicated and professional team tries to serve our clients in the best way possible. We are supported by experienced back and front office staff to foster high-quality and personalized medical services covering healthcare and travel risk management for every organization. We are fully aware of our responsibilities as a healthcare provider regarding issues such as client confidentiality in relation to the medical advice and help we provide. We have been ISO-certified since 2007.


A visit to the Corporate Travel Clinic

This video shows you what a visit to the Corporate Travel Clinic could look like. (Dutch)


Who are we?

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