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13 July 2023 Newsletter

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Animation Corporate Travel Clinic Erasmus MC B.V.

A number of companies have asked how traveling employees can be prepared for their next assignment abroad. We developed a short animation for this purpose. You can use this animation to distribute internally on your intranet, newsletter or invitation letter for a health check.


As a follow-up to the above animation, we are working on a completely newly developed e-learning specifically for your employee who is sent abroad for a short or longer period of time. This e-learning, which we have named World Wise Travel, covers the most common medical problems associated with a stay abroad. Each topic is introduced using a special animated film, then the subject is elaborated on with additional information and stimulating multiple choice questions. We expect to offer this @-learning starting in Q3.


New vaccine – Dengue

As of March, there is a new vaccine on the market. This vaccine is QDENGA and is a vaccination against dengue. This vaccine is based on a live attenuated dengue virus serotype 2, which is the genetic “backbone” for all four dengue virus serotypes and is designed to provide protection against each of these serotypes.

On Dec. 8, 2022, the EMA (European Medicine Agency) approved the use of Qdenga for the prevention of dengue in persons aged four years and older. Qdenga is the only dengue vaccine approved in the EU for broad use in all age groups and regardless of previous exposure to dengue.

We offer this vaccine as of today. Two vaccinations, at least 3 months apart, are required for the most optimal protection. We can offer this vaccine for € 124.95 per vaccination.



We wish everyone a very happy summer! As a vacation tip, we can recommend the book ‘Heimwee moet je koesteren’ (‘Homesickness is to be cherished’, Dutch only) by Floortje Dessing. Not only is it a wonderful vacation book, but she also expresses her thanks to our team for the medical advice and support during her many trips to beautiful places for her travel programs.

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