Flu vaccinations and health checks

12 October 2021 Newsletter

In this newsletter, we would like to update you on two topics.

I. Flu vaccinations to start again soon!

Soon the annual flu vaccination rounds will start again in the Netherlands. Just like before, CTC is happy to help you arrange vaccination rounds in your company. Besides the well-known reasons to advise a flu vaccination (higher chance of complications with increasing age or underlying disorders, preventing staff absenteeism on the work floor and interrupting the spread of the flu virus) there is, just like last year, an additional argument to be low-threshold with a flu vaccination.

After all, at the moment that a flu wave is spreading and people are getting fever and/or respiratory complaints, it will not be clear beforehand whether the complaints are caused by the winter flu or by COVID-19. The additional consequence is that a person will not be able to work until COVID-19 has been ruled out. The obvious and important advantage of a more liberal policy on flu vaccinations has to do with this: someone who is (partially) protected against the flu through a flu vaccination does not get sick, does not get a fever, does not have to enter the testing maelstrom and can simply continue working!

For some of our partners, CTC has been involved in their internal flu vaccination rounds for years. Other companies may still wish to organise an active flu vaccination campaign among their employees. We are happy to be of service!

II. Health checks: additional service

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the following. We have agreed with a number of companies to take the initiative in inviting employees in your company who are eligible for a periodic health check. This takes place via our secure digital portal, so that all privacy legislation is complied with. Please let us know if you would also like to make use of this free service.

For further questions, please contact us at world@travelclinic.com. You can also contact us via our website: https://corporate.travelclinic.com.

On weekends we are open for COVID-19 testing by appointment from 09:00-11:00.

Kind regards on behalf of our Management Team, Dr. Lennert Slobbe, Internist-infectiologist

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