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30 August 2022 Newsletter

New back scan module

Corporate travel clinic has started a new module for back complaints. Did you know that 45% of excused work absence is due to musculoskeletal related complaints?
We have developed this module around this exact reason. The entire back is mapped in only one examination.We manage to fit in this examination during a regular health check, the research can also be planned separately from your health check. In this process we work closely with an orthopedic surgeon and a physiotherapist.
Contact us if you would like to know more about this. Or schedule an appointment via our secretariat.

Waiting list mediation

As of right now we have started with waiting list mediation for those employees that are waiting for an appointment in regular healthcare.
Due to our large network in secondary care we can further assist you in this process.
If you have an employee who needs to be referred to an orthopedic surgeon in connection with complaints of the musculoskeletal system (such as back complaints, hip or knee complaints) please contact us.
The scenario of your employee dropping out due to back problems is not only a significant set-back to them, it also creates a set-back to you as an employer once you are missing a valuable asset to your company.

We can ensure that your employee can be seen by an orthopedic surgeon at short notice.

Business Developer

Rik van Peperstraten has been part of our company for over four months.
One of the responsibilities of our business developer is to maintain and expand the services to existing customers.
Rik has already been able to get acquainted with some of the existing contacts and after a while will visit each and everyone.
Do you want to ensure to be part of his planning? Please contact Rik at

Customer satisfaction

The opinion you have of us as a costumer is one we strongly value.
We want the best medical care for your employees abroad. We adapt our services to the needs of you, the customer.
Our job is to think with you and aim to unburden you in this area. In order to evaluate our services, we regularly implement customer satisfaction checks.
A new method we implemented is the use of Forms. At random, we periodically send out a short questionnaire about various topics.
Should you receive this questionnaire, please kindly use a few minutes of your precious time to answer these questions.
Only together can we optimize our services. Thank you in advance.

Extra service

As an extra service, we can offer free parking to our customers, your employees.
However, space is limited. If you or your employees want to make use of this, please indicate this when making the appointment, and we will reserve a place.

Work and ultraviolet (UV) radiation

The relationship between UV radiation and the development of skin cancer is still not one that is deeply instilled in people’s day to day lives.
Yet UV radiation is the most important risk factor for skin cancer. UV radiation comes directly from the sun and can easily penetrate unprotected skin. The UV radiation can damage DNA, resulting in skin cancer. We are currently in the midst of an epidemic in Europe: In the past 20 years, the annual incidence of skin cancer has doubled. As the climate warms, the population grows and continues to age, the outlook for skin cancer is not in our favor. Those of us who work outdoors during daylight are especially vulnerable for UV radiation. For example, in the European Union alone  it is estimated that more than 15 million outdoor workers have to deal with increased UV exposure. The more exposure to UV radiation one has, the greater the risk of skin cancer gets. Outdoor workers exposed to more than 40% UV radiation than someone working indoors are 2 to 3 more likely to develop skin cancer!

Occupational disease

Major members of the European Union have not underestimated the seriousness of this situation.
In Germany skin cancer has been recognized as an occupational disease in employees who perform work in the open air since 2015
Very recently (2022) the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted research into the relationship between occupational exposure to UV radiation and skin cancer.
The WHO concludes that there is sufficient scientific evidence for this relationship. In addition, the WHO has classified UV radiation as a carcinogen.

Results of the pilot project

An important question is what actions are needed to minimize the risk of skin cancer.
Within this framework, SkinTwin completed a pilot project in collaboration with the CTC.
The aim of this project was to screen the skin of outdoor workers for skin cancer, using state-of-the-art technology.
In total, more than 100 volunteers from various companies participated. 5% of the participants were found to have skin cancer. At times, when dealing with early detection it is enough to locally remove a suspicious skin defect. In other cases, major surgery is required to remove the cancer.
In both cases, long-term treatment and supervision of skin cancer is needed.
Additionally, there is the increased chance that people will suffer from psychological problems such as stress, depression and anxiety after diagnosis as well.
All this easily leads to long-term absenteeism and absenteeism. Early detection of skin cancer is therefore of great value to both employer and employee.
It  maximizes the chance of recovery and employability of employees. What stood out during the early detection of skin cancer was that the participants felt a strong sensee of importance and awareness for their skins health. Every skin cancer screening results in an increased risk perception.
The participants are more alert to the dangers of UV radiation and are more inclined not only to protect themselves better, but also to encourage colleagues to do so.

Additional module of existing health checks

After completing the pilot, the CTC started the roll-out of skin cancer screening in the first quarter of 2022 as a new part of existing medical screening programs.
Meanwhile, a rapidly growing number of companies have taken their responsibility, and their employees can now perform a periodic skin cancer screening.
This shows employers that the well-being of their staff is of great value. With the ‘Work Sun & Skin’ prevention program we are convinced that we can offer companies a future-proof skin cancer screening that lasts in the longer term and produces results.
We therefore encourage companies to join us, because only together can we reduce the impact of skin cancer.

Are you interested or do you want more about the prevention program ‘Work Sun & Skin’?
Please send a message to or to

Pre-announcement Flu vaccination

We have placed another order for flu vaccines with our supplier. Vaccination of this vaccine will take place in Q4-2022. We will keep you informed on these dates.

Please understand the main reasons for recommending a flu vaccination:

  • Higher risk of flu related complications due to old age.
  • Higher risk of flu related complications if person has underlying conditions and/or risk factors such as diabetes or uses immunosuppressive medication

      ➢ Prevention of loss of workers on the work floor

Vaccination interrupts the transmission chain of the flu virus and reduces the risk of the disease spreading. If many people are vaccinated against flu, the spread of the virus is made more difficult, which also benefits non-vaccinated people (lower chance of getting the disease). Of course, this also applies to the workplace. The more people are vaccinated (against COVID-19 and flu), the less chance of spreading these viruses among people in the workplace. This is the principle of herd immunity and also one of the reasons for the success of the national vaccination programs. In addition, there is also the “softer” argument that many people develop flu-like symptoms in the autumn. It can then be useful to know that flu is less likely found in a person who has been vaccinated against flu; In this context, it is of course also important that people are vaccinated against COVID-19.

Opening hours

We are open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5 pm. Clustered PCR requests on location can always take place on request, even on weekends.
Would you like to make an appointment for a health check, vaccination, skin cancer screening, covid diagnostics or one of our other products/modules?
You can contact us by phone on 010-8201120 or send an email to


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