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17 October 2022 Newsletter

Flu vaccination

In our August newsletter, we made the pre-announcement for the flu vaccines. The supplier will make the vaccines available to us in week 40, which means we will start vaccination in week 41.


Why vaccinate?

The flu virus is expected to circulate widely this year. Due to the covid pandemic, we have had little contact with others and therefore have not developed sufficient immunity. People with a medical condition will receive the flu shot through the general practitioner. Anyone who does not belong to that target group can come to us for this vaccine.


Here are the main reasons why a flu vaccination is advised:

➢ Higher risk of complicated flu with older age

➢ Higher risk of complicated flu if the person has underlying conditions and/or

risk factors such as diabetes or the use of immunosuppressive medication

➢ Preventing loss of workers in the workplace. 


Vaccination interrupts the transmission chain of the flu virus and reduces the risk of spreading of the disease. If many people are vaccinated against the flu, the spread of the virus is made more difficult. This also benefits unvaccinated people (lower chance of getting the disease). This can therefore be applied for the workplace as well. The more people are vaccinated (against COVID-19 and flu), the less chance of spreading these viruses among people in the workplace. This is the principle of herd immunity and also one of the reasons for the success of the national vaccination programs. In addition, there is also the “softer” argument that many people develop flu-like symptoms in the fall. It is good to know that flu is less likely in a person vaccinated against flu; in this context: it is of course still important that people are vaccinated against COVID-19.


Customized vaccinations

The flu vaccine will be available at our main location at Maasboulevard 148contact us in the usual way on 010-8201120 or send an email to We are open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5 pm.The Travel Clinic also provides group vaccination at your office or any other designated location l.

Groups of employees can also be vaccinated at your own location (or a designated location) please contact our business developer, Rik van Peperstraten via 010-8201120 or send an email to to learn more about this option.



We charge € 30.00 (excluding VAT) for the consultation and vaccination of the flu vaccine. The consultation consists of a short questionnaire and screening whether the vaccine can be obtained safely.

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