The Corporate Travel Clinic Erasmus MC offers all kinds of COVID-19 tests, including PCR tests, antigen rapid tests and (IgG and IgM) antibody tests. Our strategy of test-before-travel has been nationwide adopted now. More important, our dedicated team of infectious diseases specialists is available to ask for advice for both individual cases and company policy.

We also provide all required certificates or travel documents, based on the specific needs of your company. PCR tests and other COVID-19 tests are performed at our office in Rotterdam or any location as requested by our clients.

Please ask for our opportunities to help your company to implement regular screening of your employees for COVID-19 by means of antigen rapid tests or PCR tests. Our medical team and our lab comply with all the requirements as imposed by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) in alignment with the Dutch Ministery of Health, Wellbeing and Sports. We also fully comply with the European laws regarding General Data Protection Regulation (AVG).


Make a test appointment

Make an appointment for a PCR test. These rates are valid from 15 July 2021.
PCR test at the Corporate Travel Clinic (Maasboulevard): 110 euro (including certificate).
PCR test on location: 125 euro (including certificate).

For more information contact us or send an email to


Opening hours for testing

Our regular opening hours are from 08:30 AM until 16:00 PM on weekdays(samples collected after 15.30 PM will be processed the following day). During the weekends our test location is opened for PCR tests, antigen rapid tests and antibody tests (IgM only) between 09:00-11:00 AM (by appointment). On national holidays we are open from 0900 – 1100 AM for COVID tests only(PCR, antigen rapid tests and IgM, no serological tests).


Order your vaccination booklet

We will be able to go on holidays and attend events as soon as we can prove that we have been vaccinated. The vaccination booklet is your ticket to a free life. Get in touch with us right away by email or by phone number and order the booklet for €10 only! Get yours now, so you can soon pick up your stamps and vaccinations from the agency where you are vaccinated.

Phone: +31 10 820 11 20