COVID tests
Corporate Travel Clinic Erasmus MC offers high-quality COVID-19 diagnostics, including PCRs, antigen rapid tests and serological (IgG and IgM) tests.

Of added value is our team of infectious disease specialists who are available for consultation on both health issues of individual employees and matters relating to company policy.

We provide all relevant certificates or travel documents where necessary or where these meet the specific needs of your company. Tests are conducted at our office in Rotterdam or at any location in the Netherlands requested by our clients.


Make a test appointment
Would you like to make an appointment for a PCR test, an antigen rapid test, a serology test or would you like to receive more information? Please contact us or send an e-mail to

Required data to schedule an appointment: your name, date of birth, BSN, passport number, email address and a phone number.


Testing at the Maasboulevard 140

Prices PCR, Antigen rapid test, IgM/IgG antibody test
PCR with the result within 2 hours: € 95.=
PCR with the result within 6 hours: € 75.=
Antigen rapid test with the result within 30 minutes: € 75.=
IgM antibodies (serology) with results within 24 hours: € 75.=
IgG antibodies (serology) with the result within 24 hours: € 75.=

All above mentioned prices are excluding VAT


Opening hours for testing (always by appointment)

We are open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5 pm. These days PCR tests are taken at our location in Rotterdam until 4 pm.

Of course, the clustered PCR requests on location can always take place on request, even during the weekend.


For the test appointment please report to our entrance at the Maasboulevard 148.


Testing on location
For testing on location, rates are made to measure. Please contact us for more information.


Order a vaccination booklet
As soon as we can go on holiday or attend events, it’s a good idea to document your vaccinations as well. The vaccination booklet is your ticket to a freer life. Contact us by e-mail or telephone and order the booklet for only €10! Order your booklet now, so that you can soon collect your stamps and vaccinations from the vaccination authority.


Telephone: +31 10 820 11 20