Lost Time Injuries

Careful and objective assessment and documentation of Lost Time Injuries
An accident at work which prevents an employee from performing his or her planned activities for at least one day is called a Lost Time Injury (LTI).

If one of your employees experiences an LTI, careful documentation is very important. In order to provide an expert assessment of LTIs, the Corporate Travel Clinic has developed a special programme that can be adjusted to meet the needs of your own organisation.

In the event of Lost Time Injuries it is important that the seriousness of the situation is objectively assessed. The Corporate Travel Clinic is independent and our company doctors make speedy, thorough, knowledgeable assessments of the reports of the LTIs explaining the nature of the injury and the associated loss of function. Using their knowledge of the field of work of the patient, the doctors can give him or her personal advice. If more detailed or follow up advice is necessary, a team of specialists is always available including internists, infectious disease specialists and nurses.

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