Before, during and after the stay abroad

Taking care of your employees during all steps of international travel
The Corporate Travel Clinic believes that adequate travel risk management is only possible when all steps of international travel are taken into account. This means a clear view on health risk management before, during and after the stay abroad.

Proper medical guidance is only possible when the entire process of international travel/placement is taken into account. This means relevant advice in advance and adequate guidance during and after the stay abroad. Not only for the employee but also for the employer.

Before departure possible risks are assessed according to the TLA method. Both the employer and employee need to not only recognize but also acknowledge the risks. "I know the risk’’ differs from "I myself am at risk’’ and can result in more careless or negligent behaviour. Therefore informing and advising both the employer and employee is an essential part of our approach. Based on a medical check-up we advise whether an international placement is wise considering the health risks for the specific employee. We always take into account possible project and country specific requirements.

During their stay abroad your employees could be faced with medical problems. To ensure the help needed your employee can contact us 24/7. Thanks to our experience and medical expertise we are able to help and assist wherever your employees may be at work. Along with the employer we continuously monitor the relevant health risks and act on them accordingly; and we help put in place a Travel Risk Protocol to take away the risks as much as possible.

Expats most often return on leave to the Netherlands once or twice a year. Because of their stay abroad they no longer have a general practitioner in the Netherlands and therefor lack access to the Dutch health system and specialists. The Corporate Travel Clinic offers the solution to this problem. Your employees may need to see a specialist during their stay in the Netherlands. The close working relationships we have with the specialists at the Havenziekenhuis  (the famous Port Hospital in Rotterdam) allow the Corporate Travel Clinic to provide the necessary logistical support very quickly. An appointment will be made with the relevant specialist as soon as possible - often during a very short stay - so that your employee can receive the appropriate consultation. In addition, we always try our best to arrange such a specialist appointment for the same day as the medical check-up.

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