International Experience

Site clinics, medical audits and medevacs.
Over the past 25 years the Corporate Travel Clinic has had experience with many international projects, developing site clinics and performing medical audits and medevacs. These projects took place on both on and offshore locations.

The site clinics we operated offered assistance to a working population varying between 10 and 2000 expat and local staff. We have set up both project based and permanent site clinics.

The audits we performed concerned areas as small as a local province up to entire and even multiple counties. We try to combine audits for our clients as much as possible to reduce costs and avoid waste of time and energy.

All the medevacs we escorted and were consulted on involved good cooperation with the employer, the employee, the insurance agency and medevac providers. In our view this is the only way to make sure a medevac is executed safely and effectively.

Please consult the world map for a complete overview of our international experience. For more in-depth information concerning the various projects and the possibilities for your own future project please contact our international project managers.  

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