Health Care Abroad for your employees

Personalised package with 24/7 service for maximum protection of your employees
For a posting abroad to be successful there needs to be thorough preparation, good guidance and support during the stay and on returning to the Netherlands.

The Corporate Travel Clinic can help your employees, and their families where necessary, to prepare properly for any posting abroad, wherever that may be. They will receive a medical examination and advice from doctors who have specialist knowledge of tropical conditions and diseases. Thanks to this thorough preparation, Corporate Travel Clinic is then ideally placed to offer support during and after the stay abroad. In fact, Corporate Travel Clinic can perform the role of family doctor with the whole world as its practice area.


Around the clock
Corporate Travel Clinic’s doctors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions about medical problems. We see this not only as the provision of good service but also as a strict necessity since we are dealing with clients all over the world who are working in different time zones.

Personalised packages
Corporate Travel Clinic adapts its Health Care Abroad programme to suit the specific needs of your employees. In consultation with employers we put together comprehensive packages of services which suit the location, the nature of the work and the duration of the stay.


The key points of our Health Care Abroad service:


  • adequate preparation and a medical examination before travel to tropical countries;

  • digital medical record in English;

  • long distance consultations;

  • logistical support for medical care during leave;

  • direct access to the diagnosis centre for Tropical Diseases; and

  • expert advice on all health matters.


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Visiting hours for check-ups

mon - fri: 08.30 - 17.00


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