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Medical Clinics at international locations for initial reception and assistance
Depending on the size of a project and the health risks faced we can set up a clinic abroad for the use of your employees.

As an organisation you may be contracted to carry out a substantial long-term assignment at a location where the quality of medical care is seriously inadequate.

In that case, the Corporate Travel Clinic can assess the overall situation for you and, if necessary, set up an On-Site Medical Centre. One of the Corporate Travel Clinic’s own doctors and/or a paramedic will be deployed to work at the Centre.

If a serious accident occurs, action taken during the first hour - the so-called “Golden Hour” - is crucial. Such action can determine the long term prognosis of a patient. It is therefore vital that the initial care and response are of the highest quality. When the ‘Golden Hour’ is properly used, the patient’s chances of survival and recovery are at their greatest.

The doctor or paramedic from the Corporate Travel Clinic is then the first point of contact for your employees. He or she provides primary care in case of accidents, gives vaccinations and makes referrals if necessary.

On some projects you may not only employ Dutch nationals but also host country employees and so - called global nomads. These persons can also be covered by our Health Care Abroad programme. Medical examinations and training of personnel locally directly contributes to the prevention of illness, disease and accidents.



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Visiting hours for check-ups

mon - fri: 08.30 - 17.00


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