Medical Audits

Extensive research is carried out into the standards of local health care at national and regional levels.
It is often very difficult to assess the standards of a country’s health care system from a distance. Therefore the Corporate Travel Clinic’s medical audit experts visit the countries themselves to assess the quality of medical care available.

In case of emergency, your employees abroad will need to be able to be confident that effective local care will be available. Unfortunately, in practice, this is not always guaranteed.

A medical audit carried out by the Corporate Travel Clinic involves an assessment of the local medical care available. Doctors experienced in tropical medicine travel to the area where your project is to take place. They establish what risks exist and which diseases are known to occur in the area and they also check that the local medical aid posts and hospitals are adequate.

They also check out the local arrangements for emergency health care and possible repatriation as well as establishing contact with the best trained local doctors. By doing so, Corporate Travel Clinic ensures that the best possible preparations are made at the location for all foreseeable eventualities.



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